Transfer Credit Evaluation

For consideration of transfer credit in REL, students must 

  1. Fill out the “Equivalency Evaluation Form” (College of Arts and Sciences) or, if in another college or school, the appropriate transfer credit form. Be sure to provide the course number and title of the original course. 
  2. Provide a formal bulletin description of the course (i.e. from the school’s website). 
  3. Provide a copy of the syllabus. 
  4. Provide evidence that the instructor has earned a Ph.D. (a Doctor of Ministry degree [D.Min.] is not acceptable). A copy of the relevant portion of the school’s bulletin or the departmental website noting the credentials of the instructor will constitute proof. 
  5. Email the above documents to the transfer credit advisor, Dr. Nebil Husayn, with the subject line “Transfer Credit.” You should receive a response within 4-5 business days, if not, please send a follow up email. 


The Department does not accept college-level religious studies courses taught by a high school instructor in a dual enrollment program.