Brain Bag Colloquium Series

Drew Billings 2 Brain Bag FlyerThe Origin of the Woman Demoniac in Early Christianity and Her Legacy - Drew Billings

March 25, 2019

David Kling 2 Brain Bag Flyer

Jonathan Edwards, Petitionary Prayer, and the Cognitive Sense of Religion - David W. Kling

February 25, 2019

Lacy Crocker Papadakis Brain Bag FlyerThe Liminal Lady: The "Woman in the Window" in Iconography and the Hebrew Bible - Lacy Crocker Papadakis

November 9, 2018

Diana Dimitrova Brain Bag FlyerSouth Asian Communities in the United States and Canada and Responsible Citizenship - Diana Dimitrova

March 9, 2018

Drew Billings 1 Brain Bag FlyerApostolic Monumentalization in the Roman World - Drew Billings

November 3, 2017


Catherine Newell Brain Bag FlyerFood Faiths: Diet, Religion, and the Science of Spiritual Eating - Catherine Newell

March 31, 2017


Nebil Husayn Brain Bag FlyerFrom Supernatural to Natural: Modernist Interpretations of Prophetic Miracles

March 3, 2017


Martin Tsang Brain Bag FlyerFrom Canton to La Habana: The Negotiation and Formation of Afro-Chinese Religion in Cuba - Martin Tsang

November 11, 2016


Alfredo Garcia Brain Bag FlyerColonial Art as Ethnic Unifier - Alfredo Garcia

April 1, 2016